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In-floor hot water heating is an excellent option to heat your home in Calgary.

It’s comfortable, efficient and cost effective.

In-floor heating, also known as radiant floor heating, is an efficient and comfortable way to warm a home. It works by circulating warm water through a network of pipes laid beneath the floor.

Living in Calgary, moving to efficient home-heating solutions is essential and we recommend switching from a furnace to hot water heating, if it makes sense for you.

Contact us for your free in-home evaluation to see if it’s the right choice for you.

Is a boiler heating system right for you?

At Hansen, we can help you determine if a boiler is right for you and your home. Although it can cost more than a furnace to install, the long-term energy savings are significant and ongoing maintenance costs are relatively low.

We can let you know how much it will cost in our free in-home evaluation. Some key questions we’ll ask that directly affect cost include: 

More things to consider are:

How Do In-Floor Heating Systems Work?

Warm water is heated by a boiler or a solar water heating system. 

This water is then circulated through a series of pipes installed under the floor. These pipes can be laid beneath various types of flooring, including tile, concrete, and wood. 

The heat from the water radiates upward, warming the floor and the room above it. This method of heating is efficient as it distributes heat evenly across the entire floor surface.

What types of in-floor heating are there?

There are mainly two types of in-floor heating systems: 

At Hansen, we specialize in installing hydronic systems, using both boilers or solar as viable and reliable heat sources. 

Questions and answers about in-floor hot water boiler heating systems
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What are the benefits of in-floor heating?

Efficiency, Energy Efficient, Cheaper To Run 

The major benefit of in-floor heating is its efficiency. It heats a room evenly and consistently, eliminating cold spots. The heat is distributed at a lower temperature over a longer period, making it cheaper to run than traditional radiators. 

Less Noise, Less Space, Less Dust

Additionally, it’s invisible and silent, freeing up wall space and reducing dust circulation, which is beneficial for people with allergies.

All In All...

In-floor heating is an excellent option to heat your home in Canada: it’s comfortable, efficient and cost effective. Contact us for your free in-home evaluation to see if it’s the right choice for you. At Hansen, we’ll guide you through the process.

Switching from a furnace to a boiler system?

We offer financing options to qualified applicants for as little as $49.99/month.

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For more specific boiler models and detailed information, give us a call in Calgary at 403-248-2996 to schedule a consultation. 

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Boilers require an annual service check.

Benefits include:

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