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Ryan Hansen - owner of Hansen Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, Calgary
Ryan Hansen

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Our goal is to provide a work environment and safe haven where positive-minded individuals with caring hearts and souls can come to learn and hone their plumbing and heating skills. Here you will receive fair treatment, encouragement and guidance, while training to become the much-needed heroes of the plumbing and heating service industry. We train and develop the very best technicians our industry has to offer.

We know this industry is suffering from low numbers of competent plumbing service providers; Many veteran plumbers have retired and low number of new recruits are entering the trade. Join us in rising to the call of our City, Province and Country to help keep on top of the vast amount of residential and commercial properties that are in constant need of service and maintenance. Boilers, heating systems, drains and water supply systems are the backbone of our society. 

We are always ready to embrace the next generation of plumbing and heating professionals.

Give yourself the chance to become the next best service tech the Canada has to offer and call Hansen Plumbing and Heating for the most rewarding career you will ever have.

Sincerely, Ryan Hansen

When you treat your workers and your clients like gold, abundance and success will embrace everyone.

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Any and all are welcome to apply.


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These are a few of the jobs you will learn and perfect with Hansen Plumbing’s guidance and tutelage. 

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