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At Hansen Plumbing, we offer a wide range of plumbing products and services to meet your every need, no matter how large or small.

Our seasoned technicians come prepared to handle most plumbing problems on the spot, saving you time and money. We stock many products and have access to an unlimited selection through our many suppliers.

To accommodate your plumbing needs, we have access to the following manufacturers: Grohe, American Standard, Toto, Moen, Delta Faucets, Kohler, JUST TO NAME A FEW. 

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Some things you can't plan for. Like a broken toilet. leaky faucet. burst pipe. sewer backup. burst hot water tank.

Usually catastrophe strikes at the worst possible time. 
Like when your in-laws are coming to visit.
Not to worry! Call our 24/7 emergency dispatch line.
We’ll have someone there within two hours or your service call fee is free!

Our Complete List of Plumbing Services:

The plumbers at Hansen Plumbing are on call ready to respond to the following residential home repairs and improvements. If you have a renovation project in mind, give us a call to discuss the details and get a quote. 

Backflow Testing and Water Safety

Hansen Plumbing Specializes in Backflow Testing, Installation & Repairs

Backflow assemblies and devices can wear out over time and break down. In order to keep the drinking water safe in the home, you have to do a periodic backflow testing of the system. Hansen Plumbing prides itself on educating our clients how to reduce the risk of contamination of water supply.

Annual backflow testing ensures the safety of drinking water in a home. Our company has certified backflow assembly testers on staff, with rigorous training to be able to inspect and repair all backflow assemblies and devices.

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How To Pick The Best Plumber

How To Pick The Best Plumber

Plumbing problems are notorious for catching people in surprise, and even during the worst possible times (like when your in-laws are visiting!) Invest some time doing research in advance to find a responsive and reliable Calgary plumber that you can call at a moment’s notice. This will save you time, money and frustration during any future emergency situations, and also for future planned home renovation upgrades and improvements. 

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